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Self-publishing a book or establishing a vibrant readership for your writing or creative works is no easy task.

You would need a degree in several fields just to get started;

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Design
  • Publishing
  • Sales
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • and more…

Christian Writers Sanctuary is a premier Christian online community with access to resources and training for publishing, marketing, and everything in between so you can publish a book the RIGHT way.


Christian Writers Sanctuary?


Get feedback and learn new skills from other Christian writers. Save time and money by learning from professional editors, authors, designers and marketers.


You’ll learn strategies to build a loyal readership from our Christian community of experts that have done it all. Connect with other Christian writers teaching their expertise.


You’ll have the best training and resources online to guide you as you publish your book or publication, which will lead to higher sales and more success.

A Community for Christian Creatives

Starting out as a new author can be intimidating. You want to get your book up on Amazon and allow it to reach people–but there are so many things you don’t know!

But help is here! The Christian Writers Sanctuary will give you the tools you need to succeed in your publishing dreams.

By joining our community of fellow authors and creatives, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our experts any book selling/marketing related questions you may have and immerse yourself in a supportive online Christian group.

We’ll help you market your work, create a website, and even get started with social media to put your best self forward for your fans.

Who We Are

We are a group of Christian authors, writers, marketers, and IT professionals who have a desire to see people publish the work God has laid on their heart.

We love seeing God work in a way where people can realize their vision and publish the work He has laid on their heart.



Co-Owner | Web & Marketing

Landen is a software developer, entrepreneur, and Christian. He uses his expertise in software development, marketing, automation, and more, to create several businesses over the past 5+ years as well as help others implement strategies in their businesses that help them reach their customers better. He’s passionate about helping other businesses use the strategies and techniques he’s learned over the last 25 years in tech, marketing, and development so they can reach their goals.



Co-Owner | Author & Coach

Kim is an award-winning author, poet, illustrator, editor and writing coach. She regularly writes for devotional magazines and various publications. Kim teaches writing workshops, judges writing contests and gives presentations to schools, community groups and professional conferences about: her books, her life as a writer, and the joy of living your dream!

How To Join



Browse this website and learn about what this Christian community offers. We want to be clear on what our offer is, so take some time to learn.



If this Christian writing and creative group is right for you, then click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire. Your application will be evaluated.



If your application is accepted, you will enter a 30-day trial membership inside the community which will allow you to explore the community. 



After the 30 day trial, you’ll have the option, but not the obligation, to continue as a paying member. We want to make sure this community is right for you.

What Services do you Provide?

Community Training

Our meetings are always insightful and actionable, so you can always improve your craft. You can expect informative training from industry experts at each meeting.


We have a vibrant online community of members that love to help each other. Collaborate with fellow community members to proof read a draft, look over an email campaign, edit a manuscript, and so much more.


Access our team of experts who specializes in creating incentives, effective promotional materials, and providing valuable support to authors who are overwhelmed by self-publishing and marketing their work. You’ll stop wondering how to sell your books and start focusing on writing.

Resource Library

Our entire resources library is composed of videos, training, articles, and more, providing comprehensive coverage on anything you need. Comb through our christian community and set yourself up for success with everything you need to be a successful christian creative.

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