Are you an author looking to expand your online presence and build your brand? If so, creating a Facebook author page is a great place to start. With 3 billion active users, Facebook is the perfect platform to connect with readers, promote your books, and grow your author brand.

Let’s walk you through the process of creating a Facebook author page, optimizing it, and using it to build your brand.

Creating Your Facebook Author Page

The first step in building your brand on Facebook is to create an author page. To get started, log into your Facebook account. You’ll then need to visit the Pages section. On the left hand side, you should see all the pages you’re currently a part of, as well as an option to “Create new Page”. Click that.

From there, you’ll need to begin by setting your page name (this can be changed later) as well as choosing your page category. There is an Author category, which is most likely what you’ll choose. Next, input a short bio about yourself or your brand. Be sure to include some necessary keywords like “author” or “best selling author of”. It’s ok to brag on yourself here.

Next you’ll want to set your profile picture and cover image. You can always change this later, but we recommend setting a profile picture that is professional or that represents your brand well. Also, choose a background that is creative and fits your genre. Use this as an opportunity to be creative and tell a story in the image. You can use Canva or another design tool to create some really amazing profile and cover images.

Here are some examples of really good Facebook pages of brands or authors.

Personalize Your Page

You’ve just created your very own Facebook author page! Congrats!

Now the fun begins.

Next we recommend personalizing your page. This is where you get to show off who you really are.

Click on the About section of your page and begin by adding your relevant information. We suggest adding all the social media links you want, a link to your website, your email, and other information you want to share with people.

Also, if you click on the “Manage” button right underneath your banner, you’ll have access to all kinds of management tools to personalize your page. This can be overwhelming, but just take it page by page and personalize the items you see fit.

Editing the Action Button

One of the most important things to do in your page is determine what people do when they click the “Action button”

The action button is the call to action button at the top of your page that compels a visitor to complete an action. This might be a link to your website, your author page on Amazon, your email list, or something else.

You really need to think about what you want this action to be as it will drive traffic to where you want it.

In order to manage it, click the “…” drop down menu item on your page and select the “Edit Action Button” setting.

Choose what action you want people to take and direct them there. This will show up on your page at the top in bright blue.

cws facebook author page

Using Your Page to Build Your Brand

Now that your Facebook author page is set up and optimized for search engines, it’s time to start using it to build your brand. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Post regularly: Consistency is key when it comes to building your brand on Facebook. Try to post at least once a day, but really, it’s all about consistency. If you’re only able to post 3x a week, then stick to that.
  2. Share your writing journey: Your readers want to get to know you as a person, not just as an author. Share updates about your writing process, your personal life, and your thoughts on the industry to help your followers feel more connected to you. This is part of marketing! People participate in the journey more than posts about buying your book.
  3. Promote your books: Don’t be afraid to promote your books on your Facebook author page. Share links to your latest releases, offer special deals to your followers, and create buzz around upcoming releases.
  4. Ask for feedback: Give your audience a place to share their thoughts. Let them choose the next book cover via a poll. Ask them for which character name is best. Let them on the inside.
  5. Engage with your followers: Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and engage with your followers to build a loyal fanbase.
  6. Collaborate with other authors: Collaborating with other authors can help you reach new audiences and build your brand. You can co-host virtual events like book clubs, author Q&As, and writing workshops. Collaborating with other authors can also help you cross-promote your books and reach new readers.
  7. Share your book reviews: Sharing book reviews is a great way to build credibility and authority as an author. You can share reviews of your own books, as well as reviews of books that have inspired you or that you think your followers will enjoy.
  8. Engage in Facebook groups: Engaging in Facebook groups related to your genre or niche can help you build your brand and connect with potential readers. Join groups related to your writing interests, participate in discussions, and offer valuable insights and advice. It’s important to know that with your Facebook author page, you can post inside other groups and pages as your page, and not your personal profile. This will allow you to make your newly created page the outward brand instead of your personal Facebook profile.

What Your Facebook Author Page Really Comes Down To

Building your brand on Facebook takes time and effort, but with the right strategies, consistency, and creativity, you can grow your audience and reach new readers.

By creating engaging content, hosting giveaways, collaborating with other authors, using Facebook Live, sharing book reviews, and engaging in Facebook groups, you can build a loyal following and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche.

But here’s the thing, social media is all about being social. So don’t forget to engage with your readers!

Take the time to respond to their comments and keep inviting new folks to follow your page. If you do this right, it can really help grow your author brand organically.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your empire. So make sure to stick with it, and be consistent and you’ll see dividends in the long run.